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Design + Build Method
Building Information Modeling 
(BIM) is a four-dimensional computer-aided drafting (CAD) system that allows the designer, builder and client to work in a seamless, integrated manner. Not only does BIM create projects using three-dimensional information to create dynamic 3D renderings, but it also assigns data to every element placed in the plan. It creates, in effect, a fourth dimension. This data can then be harvested to create material take-offs, site, building and cost analysis, and energy efficient building . BIM takes a lot of the guesswork out of the estimate process.
+ BIM 

+ High Quality Renderings
The great renderings and pictures from a project are fun to share with friends and family, or to post to social media, but at AD+B , we look at  renderings as a tool for home and commercial design— another way of creating efficiency as designers and builders. We use computer-generated images as a means of finding out what exactly the client wants to see for their home design, as well as understanding where the opportunities and areas are that need development, again before construction starts.
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What is design and build and more importantly, why?

​Design changes, once construction has started, are inefficient and costly.

​The design+build method is an approach to streamlining the construction process. Design decisions are made ahead of construction and building challenges can be anticipated. That's because the design team is directly involved and has been in the field with the tool belt on.

​In the past, a builder would receive a set of drawings and would be expected to build the project for a predetermined budget.This has proved to be an inefficient approach to construction. Clients were often left frustrated and disappointed with the outcome. At AD+B, our design process begins with an understanding of the real cost, a close eye on construction, and sustainable building techniques or green building.This approach helps to ensure a reduction in waste and an increase in efficiency during the construction process. 

AD+B uses the latest in design technology (BIM), as well as high quality renderings to further streamline the process, clarifying crucial design decisions and troubleshooting build problems before the first nail is hammered.